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Global ForumDIA's digital member magazine offers expert global and regional coverage of the discovery, development, regulation, surveillance, and marketing of health care products, including interviews with thought leaders and topical summaries from educational events.

April 2017 Global Forum Now Online

Progress in health care product development is made every day; to keep up with this progress and to remain a key player in this competitive environment, transformation is essential. So we've streamlined the digital format of your April Global Forum. Along with the informative regional reports that make this a truly “Global Forum,” you’ll find more detailed explorations of four content streams – Translational Medicine, Regulatory Science, Patient Engagement, and Value and Access – which strategically reflect the principal areas in which most of us work today:

Plus spotlights on the DIA Statistics and Good Clinical Practice-Quality Assurance (GCP-QA) Communities!

Listen to our exclusive podcast interviews with with leadership from our DIA EuroMeeting 2017, annual CMC Workshop and Statistics Forum, and DIA 2017 Global Annual Meeting!

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