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Program Committee

  • Rosemarie E. Aurigemma
    Rosemarie E. Aurigemma Program Director National Cancer Institute, United States
  • Trent A. Carrier
    Trent A. Carrier Chief Business Officer Biologics Consulting Group, Inc, United States
  • Ryan  Ranallo, PhD
    Ryan Ranallo, PhD Program Officer, Enteric & Hepatic Diseases Branch NIH, United States
  • Ann  Sutton, MPH
    Ann Sutton, MPH Senior Consultant The Biologics Consulting Group Inc., United States
  • Scott  Stibitz, PhD
    Scott Stibitz, PhD Chief of the Laboratory of Enteric and Sexually Transmitted Diseases FDA, United States
  • Julienne M. Vaillancourt, MPH, RPh
    Julienne M. Vaillancourt, MPH, RPh Team Leader FDA, United States
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