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Session 2 Track 2A: Are You Calling Me Transparent? Insights into Clinical Trial Transparency: Layperson Summaries and the Plain Language Initiative

    Session Chair(s)
      David  Meats

      David Meats

      • Principal Medical Writer
      • inVentiv Health Clinical, United States
    This 60 minute session discusses the continuously expanding approach to transparency in pharmaceutical development. We will discuss the most current breaking developments in the Clinical Trial Transperancy space. In addition, we will cover tips for the development of trial summaries using plain language and what patients actually want from clinical trials.
    Learning Objective : At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:
    • Discuss the most current breaking developments in the clinical trial transparency space
    • Describe why transparency and pharmaceutical development is important from a patient’s perspective
    • Explain the purpose of a plain language summary and best practices (skills needed) for creating them
    • Compose scientific, regulatory, and risk information to a patient in simple, plain language
      Deborah E. Collyar


      Deborah E. Collyar

      • President
      • Patient Advocates In Research (PAIR), United States
      Theresa  Shalaby, MSN, RN


      Theresa Shalaby, MSN, RN

      • Senior Regulatory Writer
      • Synchrogenix; A Certara Company, United States