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Leaders across industry and health authorities agree that finding answers to market access are critical to the future of delivering breakthrough medicines to patients. Unfortunately, policies and practice do not always marry up.

This meeting is the starting point to engage professionals working with value and regulatory strategies. HTA bodies and regulators are breaking down silos, facilitating access to new medicines and increasing efficiencies in assessment processes. R&D process will need to be able to generate evidence for registration and reimbursement.

Bringing together the policy makers and the policy implementers, to keep you ahead of the game of practical solutions.

DIA shares insights in advance of this conference:
• Webinar: Approvals and Access – Overcoming the Final Hurdle of Drug Development
• Podcast: EBE Plots Path from “Flawed Underfunded Biotech System”

Program Committee

  • Solange  Corriol-Rohou, DrMed, MD, PhD
    Solange Corriol-Rohou, DrMed, MD, PhD Senior Director, Global Regulatory Affairs & Policy, Europe
    Astrazeneca Global Medicines Development, France
  • Angelika  Joos, MPharm
    Angelika Joos, MPharm Executive Director, Global Regulatory Policy
    MSD (Europe) Inc., Belgium
  • Katarzyna  Kolasa, DrSc
    Katarzyna Kolasa, DrSc Senior Project Sales Director, Health Economics & Outcomes Research, Eastern Eur
    GE Healthcare, Poland
  • Mira  Pavlovic, DrMed, MS
    Mira Pavlovic, DrMed, MS Founder
    MDT Services, France
  • Claudine  Sapede, PharmD, MSc
    Claudine Sapede, PharmD, MSc Global HTA & Payment Policy Lead
    F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Switzerland
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