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Program Committee

  • Steven W. Bass, PhD
    Steven W. Bass, PhD President
    Bass Biopharm Consulting Group LLC, United States
  • Su-Yueh  Lin, MS, RPh
    Su-Yueh Lin, MS, RPh Senior Director, Head of Regulatory Labeling
    Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc., United States
  • Bruce  Boulton, MSc
    Bruce Boulton, MSc Product Information Officer, Bureau Gastroenterology, Infection & Viral Diseases
    Health Canada, Canada
  • Mark A. Collins, PhD, MBA
    Mark A. Collins, PhD, MBA Senior Director, Risk Management & International Labeling Advisor
    Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc., United States
  • Barbara J. Fanelli, MS, MSc
    Barbara J. Fanelli, MS, MSc Associate Adjunct Professor
    Temple University School of Pharmacy, United States
  • A. Leander  Fontaine, DrMed, MD
    A. Leander Fontaine, DrMed, MD President
    Pharmiceutics, LLC., United States
  • Rie  Matsui, RPh
    Rie Matsui, RPh Director, Regional Labeling Head for Asia, International Labeling Group
    Pfizer Japan Inc., Japan
  • Gerrit  Nijveldt, MSc
    Gerrit Nijveldt, MSc Senior Director of Labeling
    Sanofi US, United States
  • Barbara  Lachmann, MD
    Barbara Lachmann, MD Senior Advisor, Center of Excellence Product Information
    Barbara Lachmann Labeling Consulting, Germany
  • Megann  Looker
    Megann Looker
    Jazz Pharmaceuticals, United States
  • Julie P.  Retzinger, MBA, RN
    Julie P. Retzinger, MBA, RN Senior Director, CCDS and Labeling, Operating Platforms, Regulatory Affairs
    Astellas Pharma Inc., United States
  • Junko  Sato
    Junko Sato International Coordination Officer
    Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA), Japan
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