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Purpose. To prepare and deliver a presentation in your area of expertise at a DIA meeting or webinar.

Key roles and responsibilities:

  • Provide PowerPoint handouts in advance, to be distributed to session attendees.
  • Encouraged to submit presentations for possible publication in Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science and Global Forum.

Skills and abilities needed to succeed as a volunteer:

  • Knowledge of the topic.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.
  • Public speaking skills helpful.

Estimated time commitment and meeting format:

  • Meetings occur via teleconference and email, as needed.
  • Attendance at program.
Selection process:

Selected by Session Chair; confirmed by Program Committee and Director of North America.

Volunteer benefits:

  • To share your knowledge and expertise, and bring colleagues up to date on your area of specialty.
  • Waived meeting registration fees (does not apply to tutorials or special events; full-time members of academic and government receive full travel reimbursement).

Term Limits: