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Implementing an electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) is becoming a standard business model for the clinical industry. The benefits of moving to an eTMF have been well documented, e.g., increased TMF quality, efficiency, and access to all stakeholders. However, there are additional benefits when considering the move to an eTMF…the benefits gained from leveraging the data within the eTMF.

This FREE webinar will demonstrate how to leverage data to maximize the potential of an eTMF.

Continuing Education credit is not available for the event.

Featured topics

  • Using eTMF Data to Define and Measure Key Performance Indicators and Operational Metrics
  • Search vs. Findability – Obtaining Quick and Thorough Query Results
  • Using Interoperability and Standards for Streamlining the Clinical Trial Process
  • Ensuring the Availability of Data through Recommended and Mandatory Metadata

Who should attend?

Professionals involved in:

  • Coordinating and Managing Clinical Trial Operations for Drug Development in Sponsor or CRO Organizations
  • Optimizing Clinical Trial Business Processes
  • Administering and Reconciling TMF Records
  • Overseeing Regulatory Compliance and Audit Readiness for Clinical Trials
  • Maintaining IT Infrastructure for Clinical Trials

Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this webinar, participants should be able to:

  • Understand common Key Performance Indicators and metrics and how they can be obtained from the eTMF
  • How to perform quick and effective search results from TMF content
  • Understand benefits of integration of eTMF with other clinical systems
  • Identify the metadata to be collected to achieve your business goals

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