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TransCelerate Biopharma, Inc. is a nonprofit with membership of 19 biopharmaceutical companies coming together to improve the clinical development process. TransCelerate first issued the Common Protocol Template (CPT) in 2015, and since has seen more than 3,700 download of CPT assets, including the Technical-Enabled Edition of the CPT, a free, MSWord based template, and add ins to enable protocol authoring and use of the CPT.

Are you interested in exploring the TransCelerate Common Protocol Template Tech Enabled edition? Using the latest release of the CPT, you will better understand:

  • Evolution of the TransCelerate Common Protocol (CPT)
  • Overview and hands on experience with the Tech Enabled Edition of CPT
  • Review of the model Content, Libraries, and Instructions
  • The export capabilities
  • Discussion of high-level implementation practices

An additional registration fee is required for all preconference short courses.


Who should attend?

This short course is designed for professionals interested in learning about the TransCelerate Common Protocol Template Tech Enabled Edition which is available to anyone for free download.

Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Examine the Common Protocol Template: evolution, structure, and organization
  • Describe the TransCelerate CPT content approach and how the Tech Enabled Edition (TEE) facilitates its use
  • Recognize the TransCelerate CPT model Content, instructional text and demonstrate CP libraries
  • Practice protocol authoring using the TransCelerate CPT

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