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#43: The Good Pharmacovigilance Practices in the EU: Global Applications


  • Kristina  Strutt, MD, MA, MRCP, FFPM

    Kristina Strutt, MD, MA, MRCP, FFPM

    • Senior Vice President
    • Ipsen Biopharm Limited, United Kingdom

    Kristina studied medicine at Cambridge and London Universities in the UK. She has 28 years Clinical Development and Drug Safety pharma experience in the UK, Switzerland and Germany. She lectures in pharmacovigilance on various courses in the UK, and is an examiner for the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine. She is a Member of The Royal College of Physicians UK, a Fellow of The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine, and holds specialist registration in pharmaceutical medicine with the GMC in the UK.

  • Shelley  Gandhi, MS

    Shelley Gandhi, MS

    • Strategic Advisor
    • NDA Group, United Kingdom

    Shelley Gandhi brings a wealth of experience in the pharmacovigilance arena after being with the MHRA (UK Regulatory Authority) for 19 years and 2 years with the NDA group working with industry. She has extensive knowledge of all European regulatory processes related to monitoring the safety of licensed medicinal products and ancillary devices and has investigated possible risks and has taken appropriate actions to minimise risk to public heath through both European and National Committees.

  • Saad  Shakir, MD

    Saad Shakir, MD

    • Director
    • Drug Safety Research Unit, United Kingdom

    Saad Shakir is Director of the Drug Safety Research Unit (DSRU) in Southampton. The DSRU is an academic Unit associated with the University of Portsmouth. Here he leads a research team with an active programme for monitoring and studying the safety of medicines. He has worked and advised on many drug safety issues including product withdrawals and major safety hazards. He is an author of many publications on pharmacovigilance and pharmacoepidemiology.

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