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Mission. The Translational Medicine Community aims to provide a comprehensive platform to the translational medicine field and to make its members familiar with the latest Translational Medicine approaches and tools enabling and accelerating the R&D process in pharma, biotech, and medical instrument industries.

The pharma, biotech, and medical instrument communities are increasingly aware of the benefits that can be gained from translational medicine and there is a growing desire to understand translational medicine approaches and tools to overcome hurdles in R&D. Joining this Community will allow you to:

  • Better understand translational medicine approaches and tools to accelerate the R&D process in Pharma, Biotech and Medical Instrument industries;
  • Follow translational medicine education and training through international tutorials and workshops under DIA auspices at the DIA Annual Meeting, the DIA EuroMeeting, and other satellite symposia worldwide;
  • Access a comprehensive website for interdisciplinary exchange of current knowledge and concepts on translational medicine and updates with latest developments, educational opportunities, and other topics of interests;
  • Access a global database of translational medicine experts and centres from pharma, biotech, and medical instrument industries and academic centers for networking and mutual cooperation opportunities; and
  • Become a future leader in the translational medicine community by attending the translational medicine certificate program. 

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