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Call for Residents and Fellows Poster Abstracts and Podium Pearls
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Submission Deadline: Friday, December 15

March 18: Medical Communications Primer: The Fundamentals of Medical Communications
March 19: Short Courses (see below)
March 19-21: Forum

DIA’s Medical Affairs and Scientific Communications Forum provides the opportunity and resources to broaden your knowledge of best practices, new technology, and updates specific to your field.

Compliant medical communications for both a local and global market demands a comprehensive action-plan to bolster the design and dissemination of scientific information. Working in the second most regulated industry, professionals who provide these services need to have a comprehensive understanding of not only the medical content, but also the regulatory and compliance environment which directly affects their daily activities.

This comprehensive forum is made up of multiple general sessions and five breakouts in three central tracks:

View all sessions here.

Why Attend?

  • Discuss best practices. Attend two Poster Sessions and the Podium Pearls Session to hear from fellows, residents, and professionals about lessons learned, new technology, and new information in the medical affairs landscape.
  • Engage. Take your learning and experiences outside the session rooms: Discuss new technology and solutions with vendors in the exhibit hall; mix with your colleagues during two networking receptions; and join your peers for a meal during our new Dinner on the Town.
  • Enhance your knowledge. You have various learning options to choose from with multiple general sessions, three educational tracks, and five breakout sessions. Each is dedicated to integrating work areas, addressing regulatory and policy updates, and allowing the opportunity to discuss challenges and solutions in your field.

Short Courses

Preconference Short Courses Include:

  1. Medical Communications Primer: The Fundamentals of Medical Communications
  2. Medical Communications: Compliance in 2018
  3. Wearing Multiple Hats With Style: How to Effectively Manage Your Medical Writing Projects

More Coming Soon!

Who should attend?

Professionals involved in or similar to:

  • Scientific Communication Associate
  • Medical Writing Manager
  • Regulatory Writer
  • Regulatory Submissions
  • Data disclosure submissions
  • Medical information associate/manager/director 
  • Medical affairs manager/director
  • Medical response associate
  • Contact center manager/director
  • Therapeutic Liaisons (TL)
  • Regional Scientific Directors (RSDs)
  • RMRS
  • Medical Therapeutic Liaisons (MTLs)
  • Medical Science Directors (MSD)
  • Scientific Directors and Liaisons
  • Regional Medical Liaison (RML)
  • Sr. Medical Science, Clinical Science, Health Economics, and Outcomes Research Liaisons
  • Principal Medical Science Liaison
  • Regional Medical Director
  • Regional or Areas Medical Scientists
  • Area Medical Director or Liaisons
  • Field Medical Director

Program Committee

  • J. Lynn  Bass, PharmD
    J. Lynn Bass, PharmD Director, Medical Science Liaisons, Americas
    Santen, Inc., United States
  • Poonam A. Bordoloi, PharmD
    Poonam A. Bordoloi, PharmD Associate Director, Strategic Medical Communications and Innovation
    Celgene Corporation, United States
  • David  Bowers, PharmD
    David Bowers, PharmD Director, Medical Communications
    PPD, United States
  • Eileen  Girten, MS
    Eileen Girten, MS Principal Medical Writer, Clinical Division
    INC Research/inVentiv Health, United States
  • Darryl Zachary L'Heureux, PhD, MPharm, MSc
    Darryl Zachary L'Heureux, PhD, MPharm, MSc Medical Writing Manager
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, United States
  • Robin L. Winter-Sperry, DrMed, MD
    Robin L. Winter-Sperry, DrMed, MD Head, Global Field Based Medical Excellence
    Sanofi Genzyme, United States
  • Kevin  Appareti, MBA
    Kevin Appareti, MBA Senior Director, Global Medical Science Liaison
    Philips HealthTech, United States
  • Anne  Arvizu, PharmD
    Anne Arvizu, PharmD CEO & Medical Affairs Advisor
    RxER Communications, United States
  • Peter  Baumeister, PhD
    Peter Baumeister, PhD Senior Manager, Global Scientific Communications
    Amgen Inc., United States
  • Kathryn  Bucci
    Kathryn Bucci Medical Governance Lead
    Pfizer, Inc., United States
  • Stephanie L. Byrdé, BSN, MS, RN
    Stephanie L. Byrdé, BSN, MS, RN Manager, Clinical Pharmacology Scientific Communications
    Eli Lilly & Company, United States
  • Ivy Lee Chang, PharmD
    Ivy Lee Chang, PharmD Associate Director, Medical Communications
    Genentech, Inc., A Member of the Roche Group, United States
  • Michael  Church, MA
    Michael Church, MA Senior Director, Medical Writing
    Inventiv Health, United States
  • Ed  Cunningham, PharmD
    Ed Cunningham, PharmD Director, Medical Science Liaison Lead
    Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc., United States
  • Rebecca  Falcone, PharmD
    Rebecca Falcone, PharmD Global Medical Information Systems Lead, GMI Operations
    Sanofi, United States
  • Maureen  Feeney, PharmD, MBA, RPh
    Maureen Feeney, PharmD, MBA, RPh Head Global Medical Information
    Shire Pharmaceuticals, United States
  • Kathleen M Guindon, PhD, MS, RN
    Kathleen M Guindon, PhD, MS, RN Director, Clinical Science Liaison
    Puma Biotechnology, United States
  • Jennie G. Jacobson, PhD
    Jennie G. Jacobson, PhD Consultant, Scientific Communications
    Eli Lilly and Company, United States
  • Craig J. Klinger, RPh
    Craig J. Klinger, RPh Consultant, Field Medical Liaison Strategy and Capabilities - Trainer
    Lilly USA, LLC, United States
  • Christi C Marsh, PharmD
    Christi C Marsh, PharmD Director, Medical Affairs, Medical Information and Scientific Communication
    HEMA Biologics, LLC, United States
  • Jeff  Mathews, MPH
    Jeff Mathews, MPH Director, Medical Information
    Gilead Sciences, United States
  • David  Meats
    David Meats Principal Medical Writer
    inVentiv Health Clinical, United States
  • David A. Price, PhD
    David A. Price, PhD Consultant - Field Medical Strategy and Capabilities Consultant
    Lilly USA, LLC, United States
  • Rebecca A. Vermeulen, RPh
    Rebecca A. Vermeulen, RPh Head, Customer Strategy Global Medical Affairs
    Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Switzerland
  • Robin  Whitsell
    Robin Whitsell President
    Whitsell Innovations, Inc., United States
  • Jim R. Wilkinson, PhD
    Jim R. Wilkinson, PhD Executive Director, Hem-Onc Regional Medical Liaisons, Global Scient
    Amgen, Inc., United States
  • Ann M Winter-Vann, PhD
    Ann M Winter-Vann, PhD Senior Medical Writer and Consultant
    Whitsell Innovations, Inc., United States
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