DIA Board of Directors Call for Nominations

October 27 – November 27, 2015

Nominations are now open for DIA’s Board of Directors.  Download Position Specification for more information.  DIA will not accept self-nominations.  Nominees will be notified about final selection in April 2016. 


About DIA


For more than 50 years, DIA (the Drug Information Association) has served as a global forum for all those involved in health care product development and life cycle management to exchange knowledge and collaborate in a neutral setting. DIA is an essential resource that provides opportunities to extend debate and discussion to advance scientific and medical innovation.


In 2014, DIA introduced a redefined brand and updated look. We are identifying opportunities and new ways for DIA members to develop, innovate, and advance. We are continuing to fine-tune our member experience, with actionable, pragmatic ways for you to exchange knowledge with peers while making significant contributions to the entire health ecosystem, therapeutic science, and your career.

DIA Mission

DIA fosters innovation to improve health and well-being worldwide by:

  • Providing invaluable forums to exchange vital information and discuss current issues related to health care products, technologies, and services;
  • Delivering customized learning experiences;
  • Building, maintaining, and facilitating trusted relationships with and among individuals and organizations that drive and share DIA values and mandates; and
  • Offering a multidisciplinary neutral environment, respected globally for integrity and relevancy.

DIA Vision

DIA is your essential partner in catalyzing knowledge creation and sharing to accelerate health care product development.

Our Annual Updates

A History of Accomplishment

DIA was founded in 1964 as a neutral global membership association dedicated to improving communication and collaboration in drug development. That goal remains the same today.

The organization was born out of a true need. DIA’s founding was closely tied to the 1962 passage of sweeping legislation passed in the United States in response to the finding that use of thalidomide to treat morning sickness caused birth defects. Although the problem was global, there was no organization at the time that could foster cooperative efforts across the entire world. Seeing the need, a group of 30 pharmaceutical professionals, medical writers, and academics created DIA as a fully independent unbiased association.

The neutral posture of DIA encourages active participation. Because membership spans all aspects of health care product development and life cycle management, members are free to collaborate fully as they explore fresh ideas and think outside of their traditional fields. Today, DIA is a worldwide organization in more than 80 countries with regional offices covering the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.