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Clinical Trial Conferences

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of increased transparency in clinical trial disclosure and the collaboration occurring internationally has proven to be more important than ever. In those times, DIA is excited to announce the Clinical Trial Disclosure & Data Transparency and Clinical Trial Regulation Conferences in 2021!

Join us on this neutral platform and hear directly from regulators, industry representatives, clinical trial sponsors, patients, and other key stakeholders on the most current developments and best practices within the clinical trial arena.

  • Clinical Trial Disclosure & Data Transparency Conference

    29 Nov 2021 – 1 Dec 2021 | Virtual

    Experts from industry, academia and regulators including EMA and the UK Health Research Authority will share their experiences on post-COVID learnings regarding the increased patient awareness on data transparency and disclosure as well as decentralised clinical trials. They will give updates on Brexit-related UK disclosure requirements and provide their European regional perspective on Clinical Trials Disclosure.

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  • Clinical Trial Regulation Conference

    1 Dec 2021 – 2 Dec 2021 | Virtual

    With the application of the new Clinical Trials Regulation and launch of CTIS, this conference will focus on stakeholders’ readiness and impact on innovative, decentralised clinical trials. Join regulators and other decision-makers to debate how the new legislation will impact the processes for the design, submission, authorization and management of European clinical trials in the future.

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