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DIA 2019 Call for Abstracts is Now Open!

Closes: September 12

This is your opportunity to contribute content to the DIA 2019 Global Annual Meeting!

DIA and the Annual Meeting Program Committee (AMPC) want to hear from you! We are accepting abstract submissions for sessions, forums, workshops, presentations, and half- and full-day short courses during our DIA 2019 Call for Abstracts. 

General Abstracts Submissions 

Short Courses Submissions

Be sure to review the DIA 2019 Abstract Submission Guide before accessing the submission sites!

Abstracts may be submitted for the following:
  • Sessions: 60-70-minute didactic session on a relevant topic 
  • Forums: 60-75-minute concept designed for panel interaction and attendee engagement
  • Workshops: 75-minute concept geared towards interactive/simulation or a role-playing format
  • Presentations: 20-minute presentation addressing a specific topic
  • Short Courses: A short course is an interactive learning experience designed to provide a deeper-dive into a specific topic in a small group setting. Each short course will have a lead instructor and no more than one co-instructor. Short courses are held the day before the start of DIA 2019 (Sunday, June 23) and are either half- or full-day courses (four or eight hours).

Abstract Tip!

Our Track Chairs have highlighted priority topics within their educational tracks to provide direction on content they would like to receive via the Call for Abstracts. You may submit abstracts addressing priority topics and/or topics relevant to the DIA 2019 track descriptions. Both priority topics and track-specific topics will be reviewed and considered by the AMPC. 

What is a Priority Topic? The AMPC has identified several priority topics they believe to be of significant value to the DIA 2019 program.
What is a Track-Specific Topic? Track-specific topics are topics that support the overall purpose for the track. 
Recording: Selecting Sessions for the DIA Global Annual Meeting Begins with the Call for Abstracts
This brief video highlights key aspects of the abstract submission process and provides step by step information on navigating the online submission site.

For full descriptions of the DIA 2019 tracks, including the list of priority topics, download your copy of the DIA 2019 Abstract Submission Guide.

DIA 2019

Learn more about the content development process for DIA 2019 and submission process for this Call.

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