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As a direct and sole result of the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and due to circumstances beyond our control, DIA has decided to change the format of the upcoming Advertising and Promotion Regulatory Affairs Conference from "face-to-face" (in-person) to entirely virtual.

Originally scheduled March 12-13, DIA's Advertising and Promotion Regulatory Affairs Conference WILL continue on its new dates May 18-20 in an entirely virtual meeting format, with both speakers and attendees participating remotely via a digital platform.

The Advertising and Promotion Regulatory Affairs Conference will remain an interactive, multi-day event that explores the current state of compliance for marketing both biopharmaceuticals and medical devices, engaging industry, legal, public affairs, and government professionals in compelling discussions that help shape policy and define priorities within the advertising and promotion regulatory space. This year, DIA will accomplish that goal via a live, digital platform. Additional details for speakers, attendees, and exhibitors are forthcoming. For more information, please review the list of Frequently Asked Questions.


Primer Registrants: The Drug and Medical Device Ad Promo Primer will still be held as scheduled, virtually, on Sunday, May 17 starting at 10:00am PDT/1:00pm EDT. Participants of this Primer will be notified separately about this virtual session.

DIA's mission—to work across the healthcare continuum to ensure patients receive the therapies they need—is more essential than ever during times like these. DIA acknowledges the time and effort that has gone into speaker and attendee planning and preparing for DIA's Advertising and Promotion Regulatory Affairs Conference and trusts that everyone will understand the need to respond to current, evolving health concerns in a responsible manner. These precautions are being taken to ensure the health and safety of our entire, global DIA family.

DIA is committed to exploring all possible avenues to provide a productive setting where stakeholders can engage with the latest technology, hear from key thought leaders and make the connections that drive the health care ecosystem forward. We look forward to providing you with a fulfilling virtual meeting experience and appreciate your patience as we work through technical requirements and any potential challenges.

Thank you for your continued support of DIA and our global mission.

*Primer requires separate registration

Primer Registration: 12:00-5:00PM

DIA’s extremely popular Ad Promo Primer returns this year with a new track dedicated to medical device promotion. Participants in the primer will be able to choose a drug/biologic or medical device track and may even switch between tracks throughout the day. This flexibility and expanded offering is designed to allow for more nuanced discussions about promotional standards, tactics, execution, and enforcement. The primer will be interesting, practical, and vital for those new to the field as well as experienced professionals who are seeking a refresher. The primer is designed for regulatory, legal, medical, compliance, or marketing professionals, their advisers and consultants, or for anyone else in the field of prescription drugs and medical device product promotion. Instructors will provide clear and practical background and insights to field your most difficult questions.


1:00-1:45PM | Introduction and Fundamentals Overview (Hoover)

1:45-2:00PM | Break

2:00-3:15PM | Track A: Medical Device Promotion (Coolidge)

2:00-3:15PM | Track B: Drug Promotion (Hoover)

3:15-3:30PM | Break

3:30-4:15PM | Case Study Workshop Track A: Medical Device Promotion (Coolidge)

2:00-3:15PM | Track B: Drug Promotion (Hoover)

4:15-5:00PM | Non-FDA Considerations for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Promotion (Hoover)

Drug and Medical Device Ad Promo Primer Tracks

Click the track names below to explore more about each Primer Track

  1. Medical Device Promotion Track
  2. Drug Promotion Track

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