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This tutorial provides the tools to increase the chances of successful payer negotiations. By analysing and applying evolving frameworks and specific examples, participants will learn how to create a negotiation pathway to increase the likelihood of reaching an agreement on the therapy’s reimbursement. Hands-on experience will help you to understand the payer’s point of view and the strategic perspectives of global pharma including methodologies and tools ready to apply.  

Format for In-Depth Learning  

This face-to-face tutorial is tailored for experienced market access experts. With a limited number of participants and breakout sessions for individual questions, a high level of engagement and practical knowledge will be provided.  

Main topics

    Global negotiation pathway frameworks:  

  • The strategic perspectives of payers and pharma  
  • Example global negotiation pathway frameworks  
  • Collaboration with internal stakeholders during co-creation 
  • The key lessons learnt from past projects  
  • Local value pull-through deep dives:  

  • The country/affiliate localisation needs  
  • Example value pull-through deep dives  
  • Collaboration with external stakeholders for pressure testing  
  • The key lessons learnt from past projects  

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