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Pharmacovigilance Strategies Workshop

Engage in the sharing of good practices between industry representatives and seek advice from regulators in this unique workshop

Session 6: Public and Patient Involvement in Pharmacovigilance

Session Chair(s)

Wendy  Huisman, PharmD

Wendy Huisman, PharmD

  • Director
  • Vigifit, Netherlands
Bianca  Mulder, PharmD, MPharm, MSc

Bianca Mulder, PharmD, MPharm, MSc

  • Pharmacovigilance Assessor
  • Medicines Evaluation Board, Netherlands

Patient involvement is increasing in more areas of pharmacovigilance. What influence can patient representatives have on decision making? What is the influence of the public by for example social and regular media? How did public involvement influence the communication on the Covid vaccines. Can we ethically “use” influencers/social media as pharmaceutical industry?


Ihsene  Salaa-Lebcira, PhD, MPharm

Social Media on the Communication of Pfizer on COVID Vaccines

Ihsene Salaa-Lebcira, PhD, MPharm

  • Head of Safety Unit in France
  • Pfizer, France
Virginie  Hivert, PharmD, PhD

Patient Perspective

Virginie Hivert, PharmD, PhD

  • Therapeutic Development Director
  • Eurordis-Rare Diseases Europe, France

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