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Pharmacovigilance Strategies Workshop

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Session 2: Globalisation Of PSMF : Practical Implementation

Session Chair(s)

Francoise  Sillan, MD

Francoise Sillan, MD

  • Ipsen, France
Willemijn  van der Spuij, MSc

Willemijn van der Spuij, MSc

  • Executive Director, WorldWide Patient Safety International, Europe
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb, Switzerland

This session focusses on the PSMF requirements from a global perspective. With the expansion of PSMF, or similar, requirements, better understanding the landscape in which we operate will be beneficial to participants. Through the lens of various experts we will be looking at how varying global requirements impact the concept of the PV system and its description, its development and maintenance. The session will cover a deep dive into some of the PSMF requirements outside the EEA. We will explore the learnings to be taken from audit findings by looking at what trends have been observed and can be used as part of the global consideration and improvements. And the session will include a regulators view, what are the requirements and expectations specific to the UK for the PSMF. Why are these requirements so important.

The Q&A as part of this session will allow the participants to interact with the experts and discuss considerations for pragmatic ways of working for the PSMF in the global environment.


Sean  Burke, MS

Global Perspective on The Implementation of the PSMF

Sean Burke, MS

  • Regional Director, Pharmacovigilance
  • MSD, United Kingdom
Melanie  Weber, MSc

Audit Perspective on the PSMF

Melanie Weber, MSc

  • Pharmacovigilance Expert
  • Pietrek Associates Gmbh, Germany
Speaker  Invited

MHRA Perspective

Speaker Invited

  • Switzerland

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