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DIA/FDA Oligonucleotide-Based Therapeutics Conference

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Session 3 Track 2: Advances in Oligonucleotide Delivery

Session Chair(s)

Arthur A. Levin, PhD

Arthur A. Levin, PhD

  • CSO
  • Avidity Biosciences , United States
Philip  Gatti, PhD

Philip Gatti, PhD

  • Pharmacologist
  • FDA, United States

This session will explore three novel areas of delivery. Oral, lipid conjugated siRNA-dimers and synthetic exosomes. The goal of the session is to consider a small fraction of the diversity of technologies which can be utilized to overcome the challenges of moving highly water-soluble nucleic acid therapeutics through cell membranes to produce pharmacologic activity.

This session should address key questions like- how broadly applicable is this technology across the different modalities of oligonucleotide therapeutics? Does this modality enhance the therapeutic index of a compound? Is this delivery modality amenable to multiple cell and tissue types?


Sriram  Sathyanarayanan, PhD, MSc

Exosome Mediated Genetic Reprogramming of Tumor Associated Macrophages by exoASO-STAT6

Sriram Sathyanarayanan, PhD, MSc

  • Chief Scientific Officer
  • Codiak Biosciences , United States
Stefan  McDonough, PhD

Branched siRNA for Broad and Durable Target Silencing in the CNS

Stefan McDonough, PhD

  • Vice President, Neuroscience
  • Atalanta, United States
Scott  Henry, PhD

Recent Efforts in the Oral Delivery of GalNAc-Conjugated ASOs

Scott Henry, PhD

  • Vice President, Nonclinical Development
  • Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., United States