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Medical Affairs and Scientific Communications Forum

DIA Your Way! Join us live in-person or live from the comfort of your home/office. This event offers two learning avenues depending on your preference!

Session 9 Track 1: Podium Pearls

Session Chair(s)

Dannis  Chang, PharmD

Dannis Chang, PharmD

  • Director, Hematology Medical Information Team Lead
  • Genentech, Inc., United States
Medical communications professionals will be presenting their successes, challenges, and “pearls of wisdom” on various topics through podium presentations.
Learning Objective : At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:
  • Discuss and share best practices, experiences, and innovative processes for medical communications topics related to optimizing medical review, medical information contact centers, delivering content to HCPs, and patient insights.


Diane  Litwinko, PharmD

Optimizing Medical Review through Process, Human Resources, and Technology

Diane Litwinko, PharmD

  • Director, Global Medical Customer Interface
  • Organon LLC, United States
Michael  DeLuca, PharmD, MBA, MS, RPh

Understanding Current Trends and Needs: Medical Information Contact Center Services

Michael DeLuca, PharmD, MBA, MS, RPh

  • Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs
  • Eversana, United States
Alicia Alexander Cadogan, PharmD, RPh

Partner4Better: Value of Delivering Educational Content to HCPs Around the Globe

Alicia Alexander Cadogan, PharmD, RPh

  • Director, Oncology Medical Information
  • Pfizer Inc, United States
Truc  Dinh, PharmD

Bringing Forward the Patient Voice Leveraging Global Medical Information Patient Insights

Truc Dinh, PharmD

  • Senior Manager, Medical Information
  • Gilead Sciences, Inc., United States