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Medical Affairs and Scientific Communications Forum

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Session 7 Track 2: The Power of Language in Communicating Science

Session Chair(s)

Meera  Kodukulla, PhD

Meera Kodukulla, PhD

  • Senior Director, Scientific Publications
  • AstraZeneca, United States
Audience expectations and understanding of common terms, like “narrative” or “story,” vary across different groups, complicating the role of the medical communicator. This session will review how an awareness of rhetorical strategies and the function of stories can improve the quality of medical communications, and earn the reader’s trust. The speaker will illustrate how specific concepts like “practical wisdom” (phronesis) and “applied knowledge” (techne), which were first described by Aristotle, can carry over into today’s medical communication practice, from medical writing through to scientific communications. Using specific examples from regulatory documentation and biomedical publishing, the speaker will discuss how guidance documents that set the tone for “practical wisdom” and an awareness of the narratives different groups bring to medicine can promote the best application of knowledge to reach different audiences, such as regulators, health care providers, and the public.
Learning Objective : At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:
  • Develop specific strategies for applying knowledge about rhetorical strategy and story to medical writing and communication
  • Design written and other communications to more effectively address the needs of specific audiences
  • Integrate information about rhetorical strategy and story in influencing cross-functional groups of collaborators


Lisa  DeTora, PhD, MS


Lisa DeTora, PhD, MS

  • Associate Professor, Director of STEM Writing
  • Hofstra University, United States