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Clinical Trial Regulation Conference

Join experts from regulatory, ethics bodies, sponsors and patients to discuss the launch of the Clinical Trial Regulation and new trends of Clinical Trials in Europe.

Session 3: Performance of Clinical Trials during the Pandemic: Lessons Learned

Session Chair(s)

Nick  Sykes, MS

Nick Sykes, MS

  • Senior Director, Global Regulatory Affairs
  • Pfizer, Inc., United Kingdom
Rose-Marie  Swallow

Rose-Marie Swallow

  • Senior Manager, EU Regulatory Policy & Intelligence
  • Bayer Plc., United Kingdom
The COVID pandemic had, and is continuing to have, a significant impact on our ability to run clinical trials. This panel discussion will outline some of the challenges that have been faced and some of the solutions that have been implemented to enable ongoing trials to continue and for new trials to be started. This session will also look at how some of these solutions could continue to be used in the post-pandemic setting.


Virginia  Acha, PhD, MSc

Sponsors Perspective

Virginia Acha, PhD, MSc

  • Global Lead, Global Regulatory Policy
  • United Kingdom
Brian  Barnes, MA

Health Inspectorate Perspective

Brian Barnes, MA

  • Senior Director, Clinical Operations Technology
  • Medidata, A Dassault Systèmes Company, United States
Greet  Musch, PhD

Competent Authorities Perspective

Greet Musch, PhD

  • General Director
  • FAMHP, Belgium
Ulrich  Jaeger, DrMed

Investigator Side on a Current Clinical Trial

Ulrich Jaeger, DrMed

  • Professor
  • Medizinische Universität Wien, Austria

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