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Real-World Evidence Conference

Translating Insights into Real-World Value.

Exhibitor Event/Non-CE: Happy Hour

Session Chair(s)

Scott  Swain

Scott Swain

  • Director of Real-World Evidence and Regulatory Sciences
  • Cardinal Health, Inc., United States
Bruce  Feinberg

Bruce Feinberg

  • Vice President of Clinical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer
  • Cardinal Health, Inc., United States
Kristi  Savill

Kristi Savill

  • Director/Principal Scients, Real-World Evident & Insights
  • Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions, United States

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Can Value-Based Care Exist Without Value-Based Research?

The concept of value-based care continues to play a significant role in healthcare policy discussions. But can value-based care every be fully realized without value-based research? All too often clinical trial outcomes are statistically significant but clinically meaningless. Even when clinical trials are clinically relevant, the populations studied are not representative or the control arms at time of study design no longer represent the standard of care. Experts from Cardinal Health weigh in on the critical importance of research in driving improved quality and outcomes for patients.

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Learning Objective : Featured Topics (listed using a bullet format and can be the speakers’ talk titles):
  • What defines value?
  • Are traditional RCTs valuable?
  • Statistically significant but clinically meaningless
  • Value-based research – How do we get there
  • Solution = pragmatic and adaptive trials, RWE components, reliable accrual-PRN, CIRN