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Digital Technology in Clinical Trials

This event is now offered in a new entirely virtual format.

Session 5 Track B: What's Really Needed to Transform Information Flow in Clinical Development

Session Chair(s)

Prem  Sreenivasan, PhD

Prem Sreenivasan, PhD

  • Director
  • HITLAB, United States
Sound familiar?
  • "Automation, AI, and digitization are buzz words – my team is stuck with manual processes and too many systems to use."
  • "The technology exists; organizations aren’t ready to use it."
  • "We have to customize data standards to use them, and there are still too many gaps."
  • We need to approach transformation of clinical information flow from multiple angles. This session will discuss how three different TransCelerate initiatives can be used to guide industry toward a future in which digital data flows seamlessly across the various systems and software used in clinical development.
Learning Objective :
  • Summarize an open, vendor-agnostic, digital flow of data relevant to improving and optimizing study designs
  • Understand the study design data available to other systems that can utilize this data in order to configure and execute a study design
  • Articulate use cases in registry/disclosure and other valuable information extractions from protocol, SAP and CSR
  • Identify approaches utilized to improve data flow in clinical trials


Alison  Luckman

From Point Solution to Data Exchanged Across Platforms - TransCelerate’s Digital Data Flow Initiative

Alison Luckman

  • Development Operations Innovation Director
  • Amgen Ltd, United Kingdom
Tatiana Gabriella Piotroff, MS

From Documents to Content As Data: TransCelerate’s Clinical Content & Reuse Initiative

Tatiana Gabriella Piotroff, MS

  • Senior Manager, Medical Writing
  • Johnson and Johnson, United States
Mehek  Mohan

From Transcription to Interoperability: TransCelerate’s eSource Initiative

Mehek Mohan

  • Product Manager for Technology Development and Artificial Intelligence
  • Genentech, Inc., United States