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Digital Technology in Clinical Trials

This event is now offered in a new entirely virtual format.

Session 5 Track A: Better, Faster, Stronger: Building Successful Digital Clinical Teams for Today’s World

Session Chair(s)

Rachel  Chasse, MS

Rachel Chasse, MS

  • Digital Operations Lead
  • AbbVie, United States
For the first time, drug development teams include not only ‘traditional’ clinical team members such as clinicians and clinical operations colleagues, but also software developers, machine learning engineers, and big data scientists: simply, siloed teams are a thing of the past. The digital transformation requires multilingual colleagues who well-versed in clinical operations, biostatistics, patient engagement, data management, and other sections of clinical development. This panel will bring together leaders who understand how today’s clinical trial landscape has evolved in response to the demands of digital, including how to grow the current workforce to meet these demands and share data-driven approaches on how to identify unique talent when building better, faster, and stronger digital clinical teams.
Learning Objective : 1. Compare how roles within data management, biostatistics, clin ops and monitoring have begun to change and overlap in recent years with the shift to digital 2. Identify the skills, techniques and tools that are required in this data-centric environment 3. Propose the path for the future and what it means for teams and functions in clinical development as trial decentralization accelerates


Aman  Thukral, MPharm, MS

Developing Digital Teams for Clinical Development: Leveraging Baseball Sabermetrics Approach for Digital Team Formation

Aman Thukral, MPharm, MS

  • Director, Global Head-Digital Operations and Clinical Systems
  • AbbVie, Inc., United States
Katrina  Rice, MS

Katrina Rice, MS

  • Chief Delivery Officer, Data Services
  • eClinical Solutions, United States
Susan  Foose, MLIS


Susan Foose, MLIS

  • Director/Enterprise Solutions
  • Labcorp Drug Development, United States