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DIA 2021 Global Annual Meeting

Speed to Submission: How Fast Can You Truly Go?

Session Chair(s)

Steve  Sibley, MS

Steve Sibley, MS

  • Vice President, Global Submissions and Submission Leadership
  • Certara Synchrogenix, United States
Does your company get from database lock on the final clinical study to submission to a health authority in 3 months? 6 months? Longer? In this Content Hub, we'll discuss case studies to identify how to get your own duration closer to 3 months. Space is limited. When the virtual room is full, attendees attempting to access the session will receive a message noting that the session has reached maximum capacity.
Learning Objective : Identify the three key stages on the critical path to submissions; Diagnose the critical path in a submission: For marketing submissions, clinical is typically the rate-limiting factor, but recognizing each piece of a critical path is critical; Share key pitfalls and strategies with their own teams: Participants will be able to speak to common pitfalls and strategies for addressing them.