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DIA 2021 Global Annual Meeting

Patient-Centric Engagement Strategies

Session Chair(s)

Kristina  Bowyer

Kristina Bowyer

  • Vice President, Patient Advocacy & Engagement
  • Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., United States
This session will provide insights on stakeholder engagement for clinical trials from beginning to end by identifying and incorporating the best tools and resources to support a shift toward virtual research. Recognizing the need to keep patients engaged, the session will propose a framework to support patient adherence for digital health technologies, as well as identify communication tools to support recruitment. Additionally, the session will identify avenues to collect patient input on study design that overcome potential internal barriers to patient engagement.
Learning Objective : Recognize how patient adherence is defined; Describe the framework that has been put in place at a large pharma to generate patient-adherence reports as well as call to action for non-compliant patients; Review a case study implemented for a digital device.


Rosaura P Vidal, MPH

Community Voices in Research (CVR): A Patient-Centric Approach to Study Design Phase Through Community Research Network

Rosaura P Vidal, MPH

  • Clinical Research Education Specialist
  • National Hemophilia Foundation, United States
Aman  Thukral, MPharm, MS

Managing Patient Adherence for Digital Devices

Aman Thukral, MPharm, MS

  • Director, Global Head-Digital Operations and Clinical Systems
  • AbbVie, Inc., United States
Jenny  Cook, MPH

Communicating at the Speed of 0-17K: Facilitating Rapid Research Recruitment in a Pandemic

Jenny Cook, MPH

  • Study and Project Engagement Specialist
  • Duke Clinical Research Institute, United States