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DIA 2021 Global Annual Meeting

Hiding in Plain Sight: Quantifying Underdiagnosed Populations

Session Chair(s)

Mary  Murray, MBA, MS

Mary Murray, MBA, MS

  • Vice President, Collaborative Action Networks
  • National Minority Quality Forum, United States
Underdiagnosis is a factor in many diseases especially for racial and ethnic minorities. The panel will discuss systemic reasons for underdiagnosis and quantitative data-mining approaches.
Learning Objective : Explain problem and systemic reasons for underdiagnosis or misdiagnosis, especially for racial and ethnic minority populations; Describe quantitative approaches and data sources for documenting demographic and geographic characteristics of underdiagnosed populations; Discuss examples of visualizations related to revealing the impact of underdiagnosis for clinical and policy initiatives.


Scott  Shalett

Harnessing Moments of Empathy and Machine Learning to Engage More Diverse Populations

Scott Shalett

  • Director
  • Public Democracy America, United States
Salvatore  Alesci, MD, PhD


Salvatore Alesci, MD, PhD

  • Chief Scientist and Strategy Officer
  • Beyond Celiac, United States