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DIA 2021 Global Annual Meeting

Technology-Driven Endpoints for Patient Retention and Engagement for Clinical Trials

Session Chair(s)

Susant  Mallick, MBA

Susant Mallick, MBA

  • Leader and Evangelist, Healthcare and Life Sciences,
  • Amazon Web Services, Netherlands
This session will provide the insight to future of patient-centered endpoints in the digital world and how companies need to embrace advanced technology like AI/ML, IoT, Cloud and wearable devices to disrupt the traditional clinical trials.
Learning Objective : Describe AI-driven patient-centered endpoints: driving patient centricity or engagement using novel technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning; Discuss how to build next generation patient-centered endpoints leveraging wearable, sensors, IoT devices; Examine how AI/ML gives a new paradigm shift for more predictable, effective, and value-based patient care in clinical trials.


Nagaraja  Srivatsan, MS

Industry Update

Nagaraja Srivatsan, MS

  • IQVIA, United States
Jacob  Sunol, MS

Industry Update

Jacob Sunol, MS

  • Director
  • Lighthousing Aps, Denmark
Harini  Gopalakrishnan, MS

Industry Update

Harini Gopalakrishnan, MS

  • Evidendce Generation & Insights - Head of Technology Strategy-
  • Sanofi, United States