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Digital Technology in Clinical Trials

This event is now offered in a new entirely virtual format.

Session 8: Evaluation and Selection Criteria

Session Chair(s)

Dan  Milam, MBA

Dan Milam, MBA

  • Vice President, Global Engagement
  • Society for Clinical Research Sites, United States
Site selection and feasibility, like many aspects of our work has changed significantly. Not only is selection criteria becoming much more specific, but the trials are becoming more complex - this means a narrower funnel for sites who are being asked to perform more tasks within a trial. This is coupled with the fact that digital technology is also having a significant impact on the site selection and feasibility process. Sponsors and CROs are using complex programs to better and more accurately assess sites for selection, and site are beginning to utilize technology more and more to find these specific patients they need within their own databases, or when assessing feasibility in an often rapid manner. This panel will address this change and how it is impacting our industry, as well as how technology is altering how site selection and feasibility criteria are determined and tracked against potential patients.
Learning Objective :

At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:

  • Identification and understanding of how site selection and feasibility criteria have changed and will continue to change
  • How technology has impacted this process
  • What opportunities exist for efficiencies utilizing technology for from the site, service provider, and CRO prospective


Ahmad  Namvargolian, MPA


Ahmad Namvargolian, MPA

  • CEO & Co-Founder
  • Care Access Research, United States
Cindy  Howry, MS


Cindy Howry, MS

  • CEO
  • .assisTek, United States
Marisa  Rackley, MHA


Marisa Rackley, MHA

  • Director Global Operations
  • Vertex Pharmaceuticals, United States
Todd  Albin


Todd Albin

  • Chief Executive Order
  • Cedar Health Research, United States