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The 23rd DIA Japan Annual Workshop for Clinical Data Management

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: What Should We Do as Data Manager? - For Connecting Data and Voice of Patients and Healthcare Professionals -

Session Chair(s)

Yukikazu  Hayashi

Yukikazu Hayashi

  • Exective director, Datascience Division, Associate Director,
  • A2 Healthcare Corporation, Japan
Kotaro  Sato

Kotaro Sato

  • Senior Data Team Lead, Clinical Data Management, Data Sciences
  • IQVIA Services Japan K.K., Japan


Akane  Murakami

Awareness through My Experience as a Clinical Trial Subject

Akane Murakami

  • Japan
Kiyoko  Adachi

Role of Study Coordinator for Oncology Clinical Trial Data

Kiyoko Adachi

  • Clinical Research Coordinator,
  • National Cancer Center Hospital EAST, Japan
Kayoko  Saito

From the Principal Investigator's Perspective-Focusing on Clinical Trials in Spinal Muscular Atrophy-

Kayoko Saito

  • Emeritus Professor
  • Tokyo Women's Medical University, Japan
Takayo  Tsuyama

A Point of View From Spinal Muscular Atrophy Patients, the Parents and Study Coordinator

Takayo Tsuyama

  • Tokyo Women's Medical University, Japan