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7th DIA Clinical Operations and Monitoring Workshop in Japan

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Session 3 - Unblind Monitoring

Session Chair(s)

Nobuhiro  Koga, MBA, PMP

Nobuhiro Koga, MBA, PMP

  • Director, International Center for Therapeutic Research - Japan
  • Nihon Servier Co., Ltd., Japan
Noriko  Morishita, MSN

Noriko Morishita, MSN

  • Manager, Clinical Trial Promotion Office
  • National Hospital Organization Headquarters, Japan


Yoshihito  Kondo, MPharm

Session 3 - Presentation 1

Yoshihito Kondo, MPharm

  • Executive V.P, Clinical Operation
  • CMIC Co., Ltd., Japan
Naomi  Misaki, MPharm

Session 3 - Presentation 2

Naomi Misaki, MPharm

  • CRC, Research Management
  • St. Luke's International Hospital, Japan

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