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12th Annual European Medical Information and Communications Conference and Exhibition

The only European forum dedicated to medical information and communications, organised by medical information and communications professionals.

Session 5: Specialist approaches to complex therapies and product transitions

Session Chair(s)

Sarah  Dunnett

Sarah Dunnett

  • Medical Operations Partner
  • Sarah Dunnett Consulting Ltd, United Kingdom
While the principles of Medical Information prevail, we recognise that some products require a tailored approach relative to the rest of the company’s portfolio or at different stages in their life cycle. We will learn why and how Pfizer have established their dedicated oncology service, how Gilead have chosen to support their novel CAR-T therapy (a patient specific cell therapy) and how GSK and Aspen Pharma have collaborated to achieve a smooth and professional handover of medical information responsibilities as products transitioned.


Inês  Gomes, MPharm

Specialized dedicated MI Oncology Frontline

Inês Gomes, MPharm

  • Senior Medical Information Specialist
  • Pfizer, Portugal
Jane  Raine, RPh

Setting up a MI Service for CAR-T

Jane Raine, RPh

  • Gilead, United Kingdom
Robyn  Rennick, PhD

Product Divestments and Acquisitions: The Value and Impact on Medical Information

Robyn Rennick, PhD

  • Director, Medical Information
  • GlaxoSmithKline, United Kingdom
Vinod  Koshy, MPharm, RPh

Vinod Koshy, MPharm, RPh

  • Head of Medical Information and Promotional Compliance
  • Aspen Pharmacare, Ireland

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