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12th Annual European Medical Information and Communications Conference and Exhibition

The only European forum dedicated to medical information and communications, organised by medical information and communications professionals.

Session 4: Medical Information Responses - Best Practices, Challenges, Opportunities

Session Chair(s)

Hakan  Aribas, MD

Hakan Aribas, MD

  • Sr. Medical Information and Communication Manager
Traditional clinical trial research is the gold-standard for robust clinical evidence generation addressing questions of efficacy and safety as compared to an active comparator or to a placebo. However, there are many limitations to this source of information.Real World Evidence (RWE) can compliment and extend evidence from these traditional sources. In the case of biosimilars, RWE has demonstrated that product performance and management of disease in practice does not deviate from those of the originator. Medical Information have received requests from customers about this information and have therefore managed responses to reflect the current knowledge of biosimilars RWE. With the expansion of multiple channels to welcome our customers, increasingly our valued content has to adapt to variable presentation formats. For example, how does our content look on mobile versus desktop is critically important to the customer experience. In the second presentation it will be explained how Eli Lilly adapts the global medical content for regional and local use. Through using adaptive content models and component authoring to enable re-use, they have optimized the customer experience as well as realizing productivity gains.


Rashel  Wilson, PhD

Inclusion of Real World Evidence in Medical Information Responses

Rashel Wilson, PhD

  • Medical Information Manager
  • Biogen, Switzerland
Sabine  Lischka-Wittmann, DrSc

Medical Letter Writing (Global to Regional to Local)

Sabine Lischka-Wittmann, DrSc

  • Director Medical Information Europe
  • Lilly Deutschland GmbH, Germany

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