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12th Annual European Medical Information and Communications Conference and Exhibition

The only European forum dedicated to medical information and communications, organised by medical information and communications professionals.

Session 3: Meeting Customer Needs in Two Critical Areas

Session Chair(s)

Richard  McCombie

Richard McCombie

  • Director, Leader Scientific Services & Content Compliance
  • Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Switzerland
This session will provide information of relevance to all who work in medical information. Two of the most topical issues in medical information will be discussed: • Responding to requests about product safety • Managing requests originating from patients and caregivers Delivering responses in these two areas that are consistent, compliant and aligned with the expectations and needs of our customers is an industry-wide challenge. In this session, we learn of two initiatives that are tackling these challenges and of the positive outcomes that have ensued. Given the relevance of these topics to the audience, there will be an open discussion after the presentations. This and the session as a whole will be an excellent opportunity for an exchange of opinions concerning best-practice across our industry, potentially providing innovative ideas that will impact our daily work.


Sashka  Hristoskova, PhD

Optimizing Medical Information Team Interactions with Patients and Caregivers: A Patient Centric Approach

Sashka Hristoskova, PhD

  • Head Medical Imformation Excellence
  • Novartis, Switzerland
James  Milligan

Principles and Best Practices for Responsible Sharing of Safety Information via the Medical Information Channel

James Milligan

  • Vice President Patient Safety
  • AstraZeneca, United Kingdom
Jan  De Wit

The MILE Safety Communication Team

Jan De Wit

  • Director, Global Medical Information Vaccines
  • GSK, Belgium

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