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Short Courses: October 29
Meeting: October 30-31

The DIA Annual Canadian Meeting will deliver a comprehensive overview of the current bio-pharma and device landscape in Canada, while sharing insights into Canada’s broader role in global healthcare product development. From policy updates and priorities shared directly from Health Canada, to sessions on international work sharing and partnerships to key regulatory and clinical considerations for drugs and devices, you will have the exclusive opportunity to address the current issues and opportunities in Canada and across the globe.

Bringing together key stakeholders from the drug (innovator and generic/biosimilar)/, device and Patient Self Care industries, regulatory agencies, and academia, this meeting will discuss/analyze the relevant challenges and opportunities for professionals working in the field in Canada.

This year’s meeting will feature preconference short courses, plenary sessions, multi-track breakout sessions and multiple networking opportunities.

Check out our Schedule At-a-Glance while we continue to prepare the meeting!

Travel Once, Learn Twice!
This year the DIA Annual Canadian Meeting will be co-located with DIA's Canadian Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management Conference. Maximize your education and time by attending both! Save* $150 when you register for both!
*You must register for both events at the same time.
While we prepare this year's agenda, take a look at our program from 2017 here.

On-Demand Webinar

Plain Language Labeling for Over-the-Counter Drugs: Implementing Health Canada’s Guidance for Industry
This webinar will review Health Canada’s requirements for Plain Language Labeling (PLL) for over-the-counter medicines, which just came into force in June 2017. We will walk through key recently finalized and revised guidance documents to help industry comply with these requirements and identify strategies to help industry add Drug Facts Tables to packaging while minimizing the need for packaging increases.

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Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this meeting,, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the current and evolving regulatory environment in Canada
  • Summarize methods and approaches in various aspects of clinical trials, patient engagement, and market access
  • Understand and discuss more in-depth, approaches on international harmonization, worksharing, and adoption of guidelines
  • Review and understand the various levels of transparency and post-market activities that are underway

Program Committee

  • Karen  Feltmate
    Karen Feltmate President
    Redstone Health Group, Inc., Canada
  • Marc F. Poitras, PhD, MBA
    Marc F. Poitras, PhD, MBA Scientific Manager, Marketed Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Bureau
    Health Canada, Canada
  • Marilena  Bassi, MA
    Marilena Bassi, MA Director of the Bureau of Policy
    Health Canada, Canada
  • Lisa  Chartrand
    Lisa Chartrand Director, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Management
    Hoffmann-La Roche Limited, Canada
  • Loretta  Del Bosco
    Loretta Del Bosco Director, Regulatory Affairs Quality Assurance Operations
    AbbVie Corporation, Canada
  • Fiona  Frappier, PhD
    Fiona Frappier, PhD Senior Policy Analyst
    Health Canada, Canada
  • Lorella  Garofalo, PhD
    Lorella Garofalo, PhD Director, Regulatory Affairs; Worldwide Safety and Regulatory-Innovative
    Pfizer Canada Inc, Canada
  • Melissa  Hunt, MSc
    Melissa Hunt, MSc Scientific Manager
    Health Canada, Canada
  • Keith  McIntosh
    Keith McIntosh Executive Director, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs
    Innovative Medicines Canada, Canada
  • Rania  Mouchantaf, PhD
    Rania Mouchantaf, PhD Proactive Pharmacovigilance-Risk Management Planning
    Health Canada, Canada
  • Lissa  Murseli
    Lissa Murseli Manager
    Health Canada, Canada
  • Polina  Ostrovsky, MPH
    Polina Ostrovsky, MPH Policy Analyst
    Health Canada, Canada
  • Kristin  Willemsen, MS
    Kristin Willemsen, MS Director of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs
    Consumer Health Products Canada, Canada
  • Ashley  Zakhem
    Ashley Zakhem Policy Analyst
    Health Canada, Canada
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