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DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting

The DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting brings together thousands of innovators from around the globe.

Real Life Strategies for Collaborative Stakeholder Management

    Session Chair(s)
      M Christine  Morris, MBA

      M Christine Morris, MBA

      • Executive Director, Strategy and Operations
      • Transperfect Life Sciences Solutions, United States
    This workshop will break down the types of stakeholders one may encounter throughout the course of a study or project within the clinical research space. Examples of stakeholder personas include sponsor personnel, PIs, study coordinators, patients, monitors, vendor managers, Contract Research Organization personnel, project managers, study managers, feasibility management, recruitment, and personnel from other internal and external stakeholder groups. Each of these groups will be further deconstructed into common themes and types, and mapped to relevant, actionable strategies designed to enable collaborative success. The workshop will include real life examples and stories that detail succcessful use of the methods discussed. Lessons from clinical study management and technology project management will be shared, related to stakeholder management and collaboration, in order to illustrate points discussed. Attendees should walk away from the workshop with ideas and methods that can be used in their own projects to increase collaboration.
    Learning Objective : Identify types of stakeholders encountered in clinical research and/or study management; Categorize sub groups of stakeholders and identify unique motivations and expectations; Describe methods for successful stakeholder collaboration, by category.
      Marina Acosta Enslen


      Marina Acosta Enslen

      • Clinical Team Manager
      • PPD, United States
      Lydia  Sbityakov


      Lydia Sbityakov

      • Playwright
      • Cary Playwrights' Forum, United States