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DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting

The DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting brings together thousands of innovators from around the globe.

Predicting Future Generic Drug Competition: Powering Strategic Planning Using Quantitative Methods and Modeling

    Session Chair(s)
      Liang  Zhao, PhD

      Liang Zhao, PhD

      • Director, ORS, DQMM, Office of Generic Drugs, CDER
      • FDA, United States
    This forum will present examples of applications of quantitative modeling and methods to optimize strategic planning and discuss the developing trends in this area. A panel of experts will provide their insights for interpretation of those case examples and share the best practices.
    Learning Objective : Discuss examples of applications of quantitative modeling and methods to strategic planning related to the timing of potential generic drug competition; Summarize best practices from the experiences of success and failure; Identify the developing trend in using quantitative methods and modeling for strategic planning.
      Charles  DiLiberti, MS

      Path to Bioequivalence

      Charles DiLiberti, MS

      • President
      • Montclair Bioequivalence Services, LLC, United States
      Meng  Hu, PhD

      FDA Perspective

      Meng Hu, PhD

      • Scientist, Division of Quantitative Methods and Modeling, ORS, OGD, CDER
      • FDA, United States
      Nicholas  Cappuccino, PhD, MBA

      Industry Perspective

      Nicholas Cappuccino, PhD, MBA

      • Vice President, Quality and Scientific Affairs
      • Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, United States