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DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting

The DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting brings together thousands of innovators from around the globe.

Patient-Focused Medicines Development: Where It has Led Us to Today, What Challenges Remain, and What Do We Still Need to Do to Achieve Success?

    Session Chair(s)
      Lode  Dewulf, MD, FFPM

      Lode Dewulf, MD, FFPM

      • Chief Patient Officer
      • Servier, France
    Using a multi-disciplinary approach, we will take a dynamic look at the experience of those involved in patient engagement, across stakeholder groups representing different regions, to understand how we have collectively moved the needle. As organizations have embarked upon efforts and implemented initiatives, we will provide a bird’s eye view of the impact of patient engagement across various stakeholders.
    Learning Objective : Describe how patient engagement has evolved across stakeholder groups in the past few years Discuss the impact of collective approaches on patient engagement in medicines development lifecycle Apply key learnings from collective approaches in their own efforts Describe recent achievements in patient engagement and identify remaining challenges
      David  Gray


      David Gray

      • Senior Director
      • Pfizer Inc, United States
      Sarah  Krug, MS, MSc


      Sarah Krug, MS, MSc

      • Chief Executive Officer
      • CANCER101, United States
      Pamela  Tenaerts


      Pamela Tenaerts

      • Executive Director
      • Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI), United States
      Lisa  Cone


      Lisa Cone

      • Patient
      • Parkinson's Disease Foundation Initiative, United States