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DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting

The DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting brings together thousands of innovators from around the globe.

IMEDS: A Collaboration Based on the FDA's Sentinel Initiative

    Session Chair(s)
      June  Wasser, MA

      June Wasser, MA

      • Executive Director
      • The Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA, United States
    This forum will educate industry on how, when, and why, utilizing IMEDS may be helpful to answering drug safety and other types of pharmacovigilance research questions.
    Learning Objective : Explain the IMEDS program and the role of the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA; Distinguish the IMEDS database from other safety study databases; Illustrate the purpose and uses of the IMEDS program.
      Cheryl  Walraven, PhD


      Cheryl Walraven, PhD

      • Director, Informatics
      • Aetna, United States
      Jeffrey  Brown, PhD, MA

      IMEDS Analytic Center: Supporting the IMEDS Research Portfolio

      Jeffrey Brown, PhD, MA

      • Associate Professor, Department of Population Medicine
      • Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute/Harvard Medical School, United States
      Claudia  Salinas, PhD


      Claudia Salinas, PhD

      • Senior Research Scientist, GPS Pharmacoepidemiology
      • Eli Lilly and Company, United States