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DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting

The DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting brings together thousands of innovators from around the globe.

Beyond Robotics Process Automation: Next Generation Integrated QMS for R&D

    Session Chair(s)
      Christina R. Morris

      Christina R. Morris

      • Senior Manager, Life Science Advisory
      • Ernst & Young, LLP, United States
    In this forum, our panel will present an overview of current quality management system (QMS) trends, novel digital approaches to connecting data through the QMS bottom-up process framework, as well as implemented digital use cases. The use case discussions will include a global pharmaceutical company and a global CRO. In detail, the panel will describe the methodology of implementing an integrated, cross-functional, process centric, digital QMS. Further, the panel will conclude the forum by describing and discussing the operational benefits/efficiencies, regulatory obligations and lessons learned in designing and implementing a digital process and customer focused QMS/QRM system.
    Learning Objective : Review and discuss current QMS/QRM systems and practices; Describe next generation technologies to enable data integrations in legacy systems based on process/procedure management; Discuss the benefits of integrating the QMS and QRM together.
      Ed  Chase


      Ed Chase

      • Senior Director, Life Sciences
      • Pegasystems, United States
      Brad  Haby


      Brad Haby

      • Sr. Director, Data Science
      • PRA Health Sciences, United States
      Kimberly  Tableman, MSc


      Kimberly Tableman, MSc

      • Head, Digital Clinical Trials, PCPS
      • GSK, United States