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DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting

The DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting brings together thousands of innovators from around the globe.

Artificial Intelligence: Robots Taking Over Clinical Research

    Session Chair(s)
      Greg  Jones

      Greg Jones

      • Oracle Health Sciences, United States
    Machine learning and artificial intelligence is a rapidly expanding field in many industries. The question is, are we ready for artificial intelligence in clinical trials? Are we ready to let machines and AI make decisions for our clinical trial space including: our research - which compounds to move forward, our portfolio- which protocols to run, our operations - which risk management actions to take? This session will include a quick introduction to the basic concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence will be followed by highlighting emerging areas in clinical trials that can leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence, and how use of this intelligence can affect trial planning, oversight and execution.
    Learning Objective : Describe how cutting edge innovation in sensor development and machine learning are enabling new digital biomarkers that are more descriptive and reliable than current gold standard measures.
      Greg  Jones

      Are You Ready for Artificial Intelligence in your Clinical Trial?

      Greg Jones

      • Oracle Health Sciences, United States
      Dina  Katabi, PhD

      Passive In-Home Patient Monitoring: The Role of AI and Contactless Sensors

      Dina Katabi, PhD

      • Professor
      • MIT, United States
      Wout  Brusselaers, MA

      The High ROI of Using Artificial Intelligence for Clinical Trials Recruitment

      Wout Brusselaers, MA

      • Chief Executive Officer
      • Deep 6 AI, United States