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Session 7 Track 2: How to Compete in the Data-Driven Digital Transformation in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

    Session Chair(s)
      Jake  Doran

      Jake Doran

      • Chief Technology Officer
      • Genpact, United States
    The introduction of the digital transformation across life sciences in now in full swing. Being successful in the digital age requires a different approach than what has been done in the past. Pharmaceutical companies have often felt that their products were their biggest asset, however, it is becoming abundantly clear the most important asset of any company is the data. In this session, we will look at various elements of the technology ecosystem being forged across the industry and what is required in order to manage and succeed in this new world. From data, to processes, to people…..all elements must be given the proper attention as we continue to move further into the world of digital transformation.
    Learning Objective : At the conclusion of this session, the participant should be able to:
    • Increase their knowledge in regard to the current and future digital trends across life sciences
    • Identify elements within their organization where digital strategies can be leveraged and prioritized
    • Begin to look at data as the most critical corporate asset and learn more about data management strategies
      Morten  Lindaa, MSc

      How to Compete in the Data Driven Digital Transformation in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

      Morten Lindaa, MSc

      • Consulting Director
      • NNIT, Denmark
      Cary  Smithson, MBA

      Achieving Digital Transformation in Regulatory

      Cary Smithson, MBA

      • Principal Consultant
      • Opentext Corporation, United States
      Jake  Doran

      Case Studies in Digital Transformation Across Life Sciences

      Jake Doran

      • Chief Technology Officer
      • Genpact, United States