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Metrics in Patient-Centered Drug Development Conference

Session 3: Cultural Change – A Key to Advancing Patient Centricity in Drug Development

    Session Chair(s)
      K. Kimberly  McCleary

      K. Kimberly McCleary

      • Managing Director
      • FasterCures, A Center of the Milken Institute, United States
    This session focuses on the role of organizational change in supporting patient-centric practices throughout the medical product life cycle. An expert panel will share experiences in fostering culture change using a combination of strategies. Measuring patient centricity as a means to shift both culture and practice will be explored.
    Learning Objective :
  • Define organizational culture and its contribution to fostering patient centricity
  • Identify organizational tools to influence change in culture and practice
  • Describe examples of organizations actively working to change culture in support of adopting patient centricity
  • Speaker(s)
      Kathryn  O'Callaghan


      Kathryn O'Callaghan

      • Associate Center Director for Science & Strategic Partnerships (Acting), CDRH
      • FDA, United States
      Stephen  Yates


      Stephen Yates

      • Clinical Program Director & Head, Patient Engagement Strategy
      • UCB Bioscience, Inc., United States
      Nikki  Levy


      Nikki Levy

      • Vice President, Patient Engagement
      • Alkermes, United States

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