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Day 2 : Session 4 - Latest Regulations in PV

Session Chair(s)

Jamal Anwar Baig, PhD

Jamal Anwar Baig, PhD

  • Multi Country Safety Head – South Asia & Indo-China (Vietnam)
  • Sanofi, India


Achint Kumar  Gupta, DrMed, MD

Session 4.1: EU regulations - update

Achint Kumar Gupta, DrMed, MD

  • EU QPPV - Safety & Benefit-Riak Management
  • Biogen, Netherlands
Mangesh  Kulkarni, MD

Session 4.2: E2B R3 implementation

Mangesh Kulkarni, MD

  • Global Drug Safety - Physician and Head of Practice
  • Tata Consultancy Services, India
Ajay  Pandit

Ajay Pandit

  • Head Life Sciences & Health Care Analytics & Insights
  • Tata Consultancy Services, India

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