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The 7th DIA China Annual Meeting

Session 1002 Developing New Drugs from Traditional Chinese Medicine for Unmet Public Health Needs - II

Session Chair(s)

Jinhui  Dou

Jinhui Dou

  • Pharmacologist, Botanical Review Team Office of Pharmaceutical Science
  • CDER, FDA, China

TCM Bioinformatics and Post-Metabolism Compounds as Innovative Approaches for New Drug Development


Weiguo  Jia

Weiguo Jia

  • Lab Director, Associate Professor
  • Centre for Brain Health, University of British Columbia, Canada, China
E. Dennis  Bashaw, PharmD

1002-2_Dennis Bashaw_Clinical Pharmacology Studies for Botanicals in Different Phases of New Drug Development.pdf

E. Dennis Bashaw, PharmD

  • Senior Science Advisor, Office of Clinical Pharmacology
  • FDA, United States

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