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Global Animal Health Conference: Developing Global Animal Health Products to Support Food Security and Sustainability

Session 2: What are the Efforts and Possibilities?

Session Chair(s)

Michael  McGowan, PhD

Michael McGowan, PhD

  • IFAH | Acting Executive Director
  • Zoetis | Director, Global Policy, United States
Session 2 will look at efforts that are already being undertaken by different players, representing funders of government initiatives, as well as public and charitable funders of initiative relevant to animal health and animal health products. Speakers will outline the focus of their organisations’ approaches and explain the impact of these activities on enabling an environment for better regulation of animal health products. The presentations should also explain challenges encountered by the presenting organisations that need to be addressed, to stimulate discussion throughout the conference.


Samuel  Thevasagayam, PhD, MBA


Samuel Thevasagayam, PhD, MBA

  • Interim Deputy Director - Livestock/Senior Program Officer - Animal Health
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, United States
Jimmy  Smith, PhD


Jimmy Smith, PhD

  • Director General
  • International Livestock Research Institute, Kenya