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Primer Registration: 12:00-5:00PM

DIA’s extremely popular Ad Promo Primer returns this year with a new track dedicated to medical device promotion. Participants in the primer will be able to choose a drug/biologic or medical device track and may even switch between tracks throughout the day. This flexibility and expanded offering is designed to allow for more nuanced discussions about promotional standards, tactics, execution, and enforcement. The primer will be interesting, practical, and vital for those new to the field as well as experienced professionals who are seeking a refresher. The primer is designed for regulatory, legal, medical, compliance, or marketing professionals, their advisers and consultants, or for anyone else in the field of prescription drugs and medical device product promotion. Instructors will provide clear and practical background and insights to field your most difficult questions.


1:00-1:45PM | Introduction and Fundamentals Overview

1:45-4:30PM | Track A: Medical Device Promotion

1:45-4:30PM | Track B: Drug Promotion

4:30-5:00PM | Non-FDA Considerations for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Promotion

Drug and Medical Device Ad Promo Primer Tracks

Click the track names below to explore more about each Primer Track

  1. Medical Device Promotion Track
  2. Drug Promotion Track

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