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In response to the continuing COVID-19 crisis, regulatory authorities have focused on providing support for the rapid development of vaccines and treatments and the expedited approval and implementation of agile regulatory systems.

The NIFDS-DIA Workshop 2021 will explore the theme of “Facilitating the Development and Regulations of COVID-19 Vaccines and Treatments / Current Trends in New Drug Developments and Regulations.”

Who should attend?

  • Industry professionals in Pharmaceuticals involved in Research & Development, Regulatory Affairs, Medical Affairs and Clinical Studies
  • Regulators and personnel from Health Authorities and Ministries
  • Academia and Researchers

Learning objectives

NIFDS and DIA jointly offer you an opportunity to share experiences of systematic and effective response to the global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We will invite former and current regulators in the FDA and EMA as well as experts from the pharmaceutical industry who have hands-on experiences.

We will also hear from speakers about innovative drug development, tools used and legal strategies.

Program Committee

  • Hae-Young  Ahn, PhD
    Hae-Young Ahn, PhD President
    Ahn Bio, United States
  • SoHee  Kim, PhD
    SoHee Kim, PhD Director / Pharmacist, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
    National Institute of Food and Drug Safety Evaluation (NIFDS), Korea, Republic of
  • Younglim  Kim, PhD
    Younglim Kim, PhD Director
    NIFDS, Korea, Republic of
  • Jeewon  Joung, PhD
    Jeewon Joung, PhD Deputy Director
    Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) , Korea, Republic of
  • Junesik  Mune, MD, PhD
    Junesik Mune, MD, PhD VP, Clinical & Regulatory Affairs Center
    LG Chem, Korea, Republic of
  • Rok  Song
    Rok Song Research Scientist
    IVI, Korea, Republic of
  • Kyung Won  Seo
    Kyung Won Seo Director General, National Institute of Food and Drug Safety Evaluation
    Ministiry of Food and Drug Safety, Korea, Republic of
  • Younjoo  Park
    Younjoo Park Director, General of Department
    MFDS, Korea, Republic of
  • In-sook  Park
    In-sook Park Director, Gastroenterology and Metabolism Product Div, Drug Evaluation Dept
    Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Korea, Republic of
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