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Conference Insights and Outcomes – Rapid Fire Session

Hot Topic/Stand Alone

Day & Time:
April 19, 1:00PM - 2:00PM (Central Europe Standard Time)

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Conference Insights and Outcomes – Rapid Fire Session

Barbara Lopez Kunz, MSc
Global Chief Executive
DIA, United States

This must-attend ‘Rapid Fire’ session is an excellent opportunity to hear what you have missed in the sessions that you could not attend! All Topic Leaders will have 3 minutes onstage to share the essence from the presentations and discussions in their topics by delivering summaries of novel insights and key takeaways from the DIA Europe meeting. DIA is capturing emerging knowledge and insights in order to advance selected topics after the meeting.

Presentation(s) & Speaker(s):
Petra Doerr, PharmD, PhD, RPh
Deputy Executive Director
Swissmedic, Switzerland

Merete Joergensen, MBA, MSc
Senior Trial Disclosure Director, Global Clinical Registry
Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark

Manfred Maeder, PhD
Head of Device Development & Commercialization
Novartis, Switzerland

Thomas Metcalfe, MBA
Strategic Innovation Leader, Pharma Development
1959, Switzerland

Holger Maria Rohde, PhD, MBA, MSc
Director Regulatory Project Management
Merck KGaA, Germany

Vicki Edwards, RPh
Vice President, Pharmacovigilance Excellence and QPPV
AbbVie, Inc., United Kingdom

Jordi Llinares Garcia, MS
Head of Scientific and Regulatory Management
European Medicines Agency (EMA), United Kingdom

Indranil Bagchi, PhD, MS
SVP and Head, Global Value and Access
Novartis Oncology, United States

Isabelle M de Zegher, MD, MSc
Vice President
PAREXEL Informatics, Belgium